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If there’s one thing our nation’s top leaders agree on when it comes to immigration reform it’s that our current system is not working. When talking about reform, elected officials often use the phrase "complicated immigration system," but does anyone actually understand what that means? A new app that’s in development tries to answer that question through an infographic tailored to each immigrant’s story.

Drawer and legal designer Margaret Hagan participated in the DREAMer Hackathon this week and worked with DREAMers to find ways to show what that system looks like for individuals trying to navigate the immigration system. Her goal was to “develop new ways to show how many breakpoints and fail points the immigration system has.”


The result was a visualization app that will allow users to enter their own timeline of events, dates and colors to generate their own “story line visual path.”

“I joined the hackathon as a mentor because I believe in the power of good, human-centered design to make law clearer and more engaging,” Hagan told Fusion on the final day of the hackathon.

Here are a few examples of the story lines the app generates:


The hackathon was hosted by, the pro-immigration reform political action committee which Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg co-founded with a group of leading innovators in the tech community.
For more coverage from the hackathon check out the DNA show page.

(All images courtesy of Margaret Hagan.)

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