Take It to the DMs, Boys!!!

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

It was inevitable that President Donald Trump would take the bait and lash out at his onetime, short-lived aide Anthony Scaramucci, after the dubiously 5'8 Mooch publicly split from his onetime benefactor today.


And so, this afternoon, the president did just that, framing Scaramucci as a pathetic hanger-on more interested in publicity than politics:

Like a broken cuckoo clock from hell, Trump is—in this rare instance—almost certainly correct. Scaramucci has spent the bulk of his post-White House time doing media appearances, where he serves up whatever he can cast as insider knowledge and hypes his marital podcast. And as my Splinter colleague Hamilton Nolan pointed out this morning, Mooch conspicuously continued to support the president throughout any number of disturbing episodes, before finally splitting with Trump only now, nearly three years into his administration.

A baseball metaphor? We’ve got a creative thinker on our hands!

In a perfect world, both Trump and the Mooch would do us all a favor and take this extremely stupid pissing contest to their DMs where, incidentally, Scaramucci once gave former Splinter writer Libby Watson some invaluable advice: “Get a cold beer and chellax [sic] a little!!”


Yeah man. Yeah.