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On last night's season finale of Broad City, Abbi takes Ilana out for a night on St. Mark's Place to celebrate her birthday. Filmed on location between 2nd and 3rd Ave, the episode is bursting with all the tattoo joints, bubble tea, glow sticks, and disgusting public intoxication you'd expect from the iconic East Village thoroughfare.

Intrigued? Here's how to follow in Abbi and Ilana's footsteps.


1. E Smoke Shop – 23 3rd Ave

Abbi and Ilana start their evening by turning onto the north side of St. Mark's from 3rd Ave.


2. Payapa King – 3 St. Mark's Place

A creepy dude tells them to smile in front of Papaya King.

3. Udon West – 11 St. Mark's Place


They pass a drunk girl peeing in front of Udon West.

4. Kulture – 19-23 St. Mark's Place


Ilana and Abbi give a dollar to a homeless woman outside this storefront.

5. Search & Destroy – 25 St. Mark's Place


They're harassed on the stoop by "runaway teens."

6. Kenka – 25 St. Mark's Place


They eat dinner (or try to) at the Japanese restaurant right next door.

7. Bull McCabe's – 29 St. Mark's Place


Ilana overhears a "business guido" tearfully call up his ex.

8. Wig Store – 31 St. Mark's Place


Abbi and Ilana play dress up with novelty tees and funeral-worthy wigs.

9. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice and Mark Burger – 33 St. Mark's Place


When Abbi's gift for Ilana is stolen by one of the so-called runaway teens — who turns out to be a spoiled thirtysomething named Timothy — they give chase. TV editing magic shows them running after him along the south side of St. Mark's without actually crossing the street, but by the time Abbi has a run-in with a taxi, they're back on the north side.

10. St. Mark's Market – 21 St. Mark's Place


They follow Timothy into this grocery store.

11. Pizza – 36 St. Mark's Place


They end their night triumphant — with Abbi's gift for Ilana, that blanket, back in their possession — and celebrate with a slice.

All images via Comedy Central and Google Street View

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