Tamir Rice was killed a year ago. Here's how activists are honoring him

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Activists are marking the first anniversary of the police killing of Tamir Rice with a weekend of events.


12-year-old Rice was shot and killed by police in Cleveland on the afternoon of Novermber 22nd, 2014. The officers were responding to reports that someone was in a park with a gun. Rice was playing with a toy gun. It took two seconds after the police arrived for them to shoot him. (Before video footage of the incident was released, police gave a very different account of the shooting.)

A year later, there are heavy signals that the police officers who killed Rice will not be prosecuted. In October, Cleveland prosecutors released two reports which both concluded that the officers acted "reasonably" in killing Rice.


Organizers in Ohio are planning a series of actions and commemorative events in remembrance of Rice this Saturday, Sunday and Monday. They include a vigil on Sunday, a "#ShutItDownOhio" march on Monday, and a panel on Saturday.

“A year has gone by with no justice for Tamir Rice," Elle Hearns, one of the organizers of the weekend's events, said in a press release. "Though there are incredible deficiencies in the ways that his murder has been handled by the justice system, this weekend is about honoring Tamir Rice’s life and supporting his family. The organizing demanding justice for Tamir Rice is much more than a moment in time."

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