Tamir Rice's mother: 'I'm mad as hell' about lack of indictment for cops

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The mother of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy who was killed by Cleveland police officers, told MSNBC on Saturday that she was "mad as hell" that the officers will face no charges for the killing.


Speaking to the network's Melissa Harris-Perry, Samaria Rice said that she had told Timothy McGinty, the prosecutor who openly recommended to a grand jury that no charges be brought against her son's killer, Officer Timothy Loehmann, that the decision to clear Loehmann—who shot Tamir Rice within just two seconds of seeing him—was "unacceptable."

"Due to the corrupt system, I have a dead child," she said. "I feel like breath has been taken out of my body once again."


McGinty has come under sustained criticism for his handling of the Rice case. He commissioned reports from outside experts, who all called the killing "reasonable," but refused to present reports that found it unjustifiable to the grand jury. When announcing the lack of indictment, he repeatedly emphasized Tamir Rice's size and said he seemed older than his 12 years, causing many to say that he and his colleagues were blaming the boy for his own death. On Friday, protesters picketed outside McGinty's house, vowing to remove him from office.

Watch the interview with Samaria Rice below.

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