Tamir Rice's mother: Was my son's death 'constitutionally justified'?

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The prosecutor's office investigating the police shooting that took 12-year-old Tamir Rice's life released reports last week claiming that the unarmed Cleveland boy's death was "reasonable" and justified. Tamir's mother disagrees, and she's not alone.


Samaria Rice told reporters Friday that she is "disappointed" in the way Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty is handling her son's case. She is calling on McGinty to step down so that an "independent prosecutor" can take over the criminal investigation.

Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Officer Timothy Loehmann of the Cleveland Police Department on Nov. 22, 2014. Rice was unarmed and playing with a toy gun in a park outside the Cudell Recreation Center at the time of he was killed.

"Since the senseless shooting of my son, Tamir Rice, I have had many sleepless nights and days. Almost a year now—no justice, no peace," she said. "Do you all think that the killing of my child was constitutionally justified? I am praying the public continues to ask questions and seek the truth."

Shouts of "Justice for Tamir!" echoed through the crowd in this Reuters video as Rice leaves the mic.

Latonya Goldsby, a cousin of Tamir's, told ABC News she agrees that the reports are "biased and partial." She added that McGinty is "obstructing justice" in the way he is handling the case.

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