This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Scientists managed to capture an image of beautiful, endangered bird-women Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss in their natural habitat for the cover of Vogue, a journal of ecology.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Some things we learned about their (best!) friendship of one year from the story:

  • The supermodel and pop star met at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show in 2013. The evening is commemorated in a framed Polaroid that hangs in Swift's penthouse. Photogenic friends!
  • Lena Dunham recounts that, at an SNL after-party, the arrival of the willowy — Kloss is 6'1", Swift is 5'10" — "Amazon twins" threw everyone off their game. Tall friends!
  • Sometimes, they accidentally dress alike. “Just like, ‘Ugh, be more annoying,’" Swift says. "We couldn’t possibly be." Annoying friends!
  • They were introduced by Lily Aldridge, reconnected at an Oscars party, then went on a road trip. Spontaneous friends!
  • Karlie had never seen Taylor "pick up a guitar and noodle around" before their Vogue photo shoot. Possibly inattentive friends!

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