Team Biden Reportedly Debating Adding Stacey Abrams to His Old White Guy Ticket Right Away

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Former Vice President Joe Biden’s long, long-awaited presidential campaign announcement should be coming any time now, and what better way to distinguish himself from all the other old white male candidates in the race than by announcing Stacey Abrams as his VP pick from the start?

Lol jk, there are plenty of better ways of doing this! But the fact that Team Biden sees immediately partnering with a black woman who narrowly lost the election for Georgia governor after running an energizing campaign as a strategy that will somehow distract voters from Biden himself is telling.

Biden’s advisers are reportedly debating packaging his announcement with a pledge to pick Abrams as his running mate, Axios reported Thursday, which a source said would show he “isn’t just another old white guy.”


The debate is apparently in the early stages among Bidens’ advisers. The site reported some staffers opposed the strategy (smart)—but because Biden might be asked during a Democratic debate why no one on stage is worthy of being picked as his running mate (dumb). It’s also not known how Biden feels about the matter. We’ve reached out to Biden’s campaign for comment and will update if we hear back.

Selecting an early running mate is something Biden himself has had in mind, though a senior Democrat told CNN earlier this week that it could backfire by coming off with an “air of inevitability.”

Trust us, Joe, it already is.