Ted Cruz Has a Genius Plan to Take Down Antifa

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz must have thought he was doing a very big politic today when he posted a clip to Twitter of himself asking the FBI director if he would investigate the notoriously well-organized and highly documented criminal enterprise that is antifa.

While questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, Cruz alleged that antifa, a decentralized, amorphous collective loosely organized around fighting fascism, is an “organization that has engaged in mass anonymous violent terrorism.”


Cruz cited the roughing up of conservative writer Andy Ngo earlier this month, apparently at the hands of antifa, and later, an anarchist activist who was killed by police after throwing “incendiary objects” at an ICE detention facility in Tacoma, WA.

In response, Wray told Cruz the FBI views antifa less as an “organization” and more as an “ideology.”

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE KKK and the MAFIA, Cruz asked. The Klan wears masks and the FBI can track them, so why can’t they track antifa?? Brilliant stuff.

Cruz then told Wray he’d send a letter asking him and the Justice Department to open a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act investigation—better known as RICO, the federal law famously used in Mafia cases—into antifa. Just wait until the president and high priestess of Antifa Worldwide gets a load of this!

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan

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