Ted Cruz phone banking for Donald Trump is the most pathetic thing we've seen all day

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In the latest in a string of humiliating personal defeats for Ted Cruz, the senator cold-called random Texas voters on Thursday to get out the vote for his erstwhile nemesis, Donald Trump.

In video posted on Twitter, Cruz looks like a man who hates every part of his life as he encourages residents to come out and vote, saying, "This election is critical for the direction of our country, and I urge you to come out to support freedom, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights."

You can watch the sad spectacle via G.J. McCarthy of the Dallas Morning News:

Ted Cruz didn't have much luck getting live human on line while making calls at Rep HQ's in FTW today, left this voicemail a few times. pic.twitter.com/rYxZ7Aabg0

— G.J. McCarthy (@gjmccarthy) October 5, 2016

Despite Cruz's obvious displeasure with the task at hand, there was one small upside: he managed to deliver the message without asking anyone to vote for Trump by name.


After urging attendees at the Republican National Convention to "vote your conscience" in a pointed non-endorsement of Trump, the senator turned around and formally endorsed the man he once called a "sniveling coward," implied Cruz's father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and insulted his wife's appearance.