Ted Cruz says Black Lives Matter activists are 'celebrating the murder of police officers'

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Ted Cruz shared some thoughts related to the Black Lives Matter movement with the press, and noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


The Texas senator, who is currently seeking the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, told ThinkProgress at an Iowa campaign stop that the rhetoric underpinning Black Lives Matter (and #BlackLivesMatter) activism is "literally suggesting and embracing and celebrating the murder of police officers."

It doesn't, just so we're all clear.

Cruz added that he'd be "happy" to meet with Black Lives Matter activists, as Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have done. But, based on what prominent Black Lives Matter activists told ThinkProgress, it doesn't sound like the feeling is mutual.

"Nothing about us affirming our own lives has anything to do with 'embracing and celebrating the murder of police officers,'" Netta Elzie said in response to Cruz's characterization of the movement. "We came out our houses because we were tired of seeing police officers hurt, harm and murder black bodies with impunity. Not because we want to see any police officer killed."

"Cruz aims to perpetuate lies about a movement focused on ending violence in order to garner attention," DeRay Mckesson told ThinkProgress. "This desperate statement is another reminder that he is unfit to be the President of the United States."


Bad at filling out bios seeks same.