Ted Cruz's Support of Ghoulish Immigration Policies Even Follows Him to LAX

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Protesters at a Los Angeles International gate confronted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) about his support of immigration detention on Sunday. “Free the children! Free the children!” could be heard on multiple videos of Cruz in the terminal circulating social media.

It’s unclear who Cruz stopped to talk to in one video, whether they were protesters and/or maybe possible constituents as it looks like he’s waiting for a flight to Austin in this video. Heaven forbid the junior senator have to answer for the policies his party and its leader are upholding!


Recently, Cruz’s border policy know-how has included proposing that money seized by the government from drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera a.ka. El Chapo should pay for Trump’s proposed border wall. Cruz also wrote a letter to the head of Homeland Security, urging the agency to take donations from concerned Americans to help persons detained in the agency’s facilities.

Seems like an easier solution would include not detaining people? Instead of making American people — horrified by their government’s treatment of people — take up a collection plate to offset their government’s horrific treatment of people, the government could stop treating people horrifically!

Or Ted Cruz could take it upon himself to make sure that the part of the $4.6 billion emergency aid package given to the agency to make conditions actually livable, I don’t know, actually makes conditions genuinely livable?? Seems like a Senate seat might give you that power!

But until Cruz takes control of the situation.... At least his flying experience is becoming a little less enjoyable.

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