Teen wears 'Arrow'-inspired dress to prom, actor who plays The Arrow loves it

In a Facebook post she shared with Arrow star Stephen Amell — which he then shared with his fans — Danielle Taylor of Douglasville, GA explains why she decided to dress as The Arrow for prom instead of sticking to the school's theme, which was Sweet Dreams (or Candy Land).

Danielle Taylor via Facebook

Danielle writes:

I went to prom as The Green Arrow because my school's prom theme was awful, it was called Sweet Dreams (or Candy Land). So being the nerdy person I am, I designed my prom outfit after the Arrow, and said, "Prom, you have failed this high-school". That's me in the Green dress in the pictures, and then my friend Grace in the top middle, who encouraged me to dress like this (she's also a big fan of the show!), and my friend Ashlyn in the other pictures with me, as The Flash! I got a lot of stares at prom, and then the day after I heard people asking other people if they saw the girl with the hood, and then proceeding to ask who it was! Little did they know that it was me. So a hood really does hide your identity! lol!

Look forward to seeing you and everyone else at Dragon Con!

Stephen Amell, star of Arrow, shared Danielle's post, adding:

You got a lot of stares because you both looked tremendous. Great dress. Super creative. xo


Love! Danielle's dress is awesome (the sneakers are a great choice for dancing all night and/or pursuing bad guys), Stephen's response is super sweet, and the only way this story could have been better is if he'd shown up as a surprise prom chaperone. Maybe they'll meet at Dragon Con?


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