Teens take a PSAT passage and turn it into the latest hot internet thing

Keith Morris

Perhaps you remember the PSAT from your erstwhile time as a teen at an American high school. If you do, you probably recall a meaningless waste of a Saturday morning, waking up far too early for no particular reason at all, besides the fact that all your friends were doing it and you didn't want to be left out.

For those not in the PSAT know, the PSAT is an SAT-like test issued to high school sophomores and juniors with no actual practical implications, save for the fact that one can maybe get a scholarship if they score high enough. Its actual purpose is likely just to scare kids into taking their academics seriously before they start applying to college, which is to say it has no real purpose at all, which is to say it's prime teen meme material.


Accordingly, the teens have run with a recent passage from the PSAT and turned into a #hotassmeme, even though you're not supposed to talk about the test after you take it.

So, it's unclear what the meme is actually riffing on, because, you know, it's a confidential test, but it centers around a girl named Herminia who wants to write poetry but can't, for some reason. Here's how one test taker described it to the Daily Dot:

"So basically one of the passages talked about a girl named herminia who's [sic] father said that her poems had been published accidentally because of her brother. Instead of being happy for her, he was very upset. Unlike her mother who was happy for her. It could like risk their lives or something. Hahahah it was confusing but that's what I got from it."

Nice. So, anyway, you were promised memes, and so here are some memes, via the stellar aggregation of the Daily Dot and the Washington Post:





Good work, teens.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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