Respectability politics often boil down to a marginalized group trying to convince their dominant counterpart that "we're just like you." On Love You to Death, Tegan and Sara offer a tweaked alternative to such self-deprecating rhetoric. The duo's lyrics, on their surface, are still entirely focused on love—one of the historical cornerstones of assimilationist LGBT rights lobbying—but there are hints here and there to suggest a message that's less "We're just like you" than "We've been just like you this whole time. Glad you caught up. Now stop talking to me."


At least that's the truther reading I'm sticking to on recent promo single "U-Turn," a song that, at least superficially, is about winning back an ex-love after fucking up majorly. "Now I wanna write a love song," Tegan and Sara sing on the chorus, "Even though you never ever asked me for one." Bless their patience.

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