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As I write this, we’re now in the fourth week of a federal government shutdown that appears to have no end in sight. President Donald Trump is losing it. The Democrats are (surprisingly) holding their ground over their refusal to provide nearly $6 billion in funding for a wall on the southern border. And as a result of this mess, hundreds of thousands of Americans who work for the federal government are facing the prospect of a long stretch without work or working for free until the shutdown ends, and millions more who rely on the federal government for other services or needs are in the dark.

So far, federal workers have lost an average of $5,000 during this shutdown. Whether you work for the federal judiciary, for the FAA, or as a TSA agent, as a full-time federal government employee or a government contractor, we want to know how you’re getting along and plan to get through the shutdown and what conditions are like if you’re still working. We also want to know what your bosses and union leaders (if you’re part of one) are telling you, and whether all this is making you reassess your future working for the federal government.

In addition, if you interact with the federal government (directly or indirectly) on a consistent basis—whether that’s for benefits such as SNAP, federal financial aid if you’re a student or a parent, visiting incarcerated loved ones, and so on—we want to hear from you too. How is this shutdown affecting you? Is anyone in your state or local government doing anything to pick up the slack?


In the past, we’ve heard from readers who’ve been screwed over in all sorts of ways, among them Home Depot employees, congressional interns, and people dealing with ever-rising healthcare premiums. That the entire federal government has put millions of people’s livelihoods in jeopardy—at least temporarily—indicates we’re in uncharted territory. As Cardi B said: “This shit is really fucking serious, bro.”

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