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A Tennessee man is upset with his local Target and a bagged-salad distributor after finding a $10 bill in the sealed package, according to the Memphis NBC affiliate.

"The bill is visible inside the sealed Fresh Express 50/50 Mix and is ironically located directly below the bag's "Fresh Guarantee," the station reports.

For his trouble, Kyle Hubbard was offered $24 worth of coupons from Target, which he declined.

WMC Action News 5

Too often we see stories about the horrible things that people find in food, but leave it to money to be one of the grossest. It may not be as disgusting as, say, a dead rat, but money is filthy, just covered in germs, and should not touch your food. For example: A lot of paper bills have drug residue on them! And a 2002 study that was in Southern Medical Journal found that 94% of the bills they tested had fecal matter traces! And, though the jury's still out on this one, the flu virus can maybe linger on paper money for as long as 17 days! The flu!


Hopefully, this Target customer used that $10 and bought a bag of salad that was not full of disgusting pathogens. Also, hopefully he did not eat the money.

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