Terrible Congressman Matt Gaetz Will Press Charges Against the Woman Who Milkshaked Him

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The truly awful Rep. Matt Gaetz told Fox News on Thursday that he’s planning on pressing charges against the woman who threw a drink at him as he exited a town hall event earlier this month.


Gaetz used a slippery slope argument to make the case for pressing charges.

“If there are no consequences, then maybe it’s me getting hit with a drink one time, but what if it’s a member of my staff what if instead of a drink it’s acid or urine?” Gaetz told Fox.

What if, indeed!!

Gaetz later tweeted about the decision.

The woman who threw the drink was a 25-year-old named Amanda Kondrat’yev.

The incident occurred amid a blitz of milkshakings of far-right UK politicians, including Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, and Carl Benjamin. It’s likely that Kondrat’yev was inspired by these actions.


Gaetz was the first American to get the treatment, but his politics certainly fit in with these fellow reactionaries. Gaetz is a hardcore racist and conspiracy theorist who has hired people with ties to white nationalists and threatened witness Michael Cohen’s family on Twitter.

Since the incident, Kondrat’yev says she has received death threats and was put on paid leave due to harassment of her employers. You can donate to her defense fund here.