Terrible video shows man erupting into ‘white power' tirade for getting a parking ticket


In the British Columbia border town of Abbotsford, an unnamed Canadian man is under investigation by local police after a video emerged on YouTube Friday of him yelling racial slurs.

In the video, the man can be heard yelling, "Is there a problem? Ya fuckin' 'Paki. Go back to fuckin' India," to the man filming him. ("Paki" is a slur used against South Asians, predominantly in the UK.)


The scene steadily progresses from there. The man calls the unidentified person filming the video a "camel-riding motherfucker," before getting into his truck while yelling, "White power, motherfucker!," and then leaves the truck to confront the man once again to call him a "shit-skin Hindu."

According to the CBC, the altercation followed the man becoming upset over getting a traffic ticket for parking in a reserved spot, apparently belonging to the man recording the video. The man filming reportedly witnessed the the man's interaction with the police officer issuing the ticket—allegedly laced with more racist rhetoric—and began recording on his phone.

Abbotsford police Sgt. Judy Bird told the Huffington Post that the police were still deciding on what charges, if any, they could bring against the man.

"We are very disappointed that this type of mentality still exists in our society," Bird told HuffPo. "And sometimes it just rears its ugly head to remind us it's still there."


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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