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The robots are taking over. At least at the movie theater. Last month, we gave you an epic supercut of 93 years of robots. This year, three more automatons join the ranks of on-screen machines. First up, opening Friday, is Chappie, a film from the director of District 9 which features a robot re-programmed to save human kind. Just as we were disappointed by the idea of a robot named "Chappie," critics seem to be disappointed by the film, which is getting mixed reviews. But we hope the films to follow wow us. Ex Machina's lady bot, who comes to theaters this April, looks to be the most innovative mechanical creature of the bunch. But no one is complaining about another addition to the Terminator series out just in time for summer, as Arnold and the T-1000 have set the gold standard for cyborgs over the last thirty years. Terminator Genisys looks like it will be no exception.

Only time and ticket sales will tell which of these new robots will enter our lexicon of robot film history. In the meanwhile, robo-film buffs, test your knowledge of the automaton canon with our robophile cinema quiz.


Cara Rose DeFabio is a pop addicted, emoji fluent, transmedia artist, focusing on live events as an experience designer for Real Future.

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