Texas Bar Tweets "We're All Wetbacks," During Mexico's World Cup Game

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In a display of misconstrued solidarity and gross insensitivity, a popular bar in Austin called the Longbranch Inn tweeted the following during yesterday's Mexico v. Cameroon match:

We are all wetbacks. #mexico #robbed #WorldCup2014— Longbranch Inn (@LongbranchInn) June 13, 2014

Thanks, Longbranch Inn. Mexico's soccer fans surely appreciate your thoughtful words. You might've been serving booze for 80 years but that doesn't mean you need to act like it's 1935.

The tweet was posted shortly after Mexico's Giovani Dos Santos' had his goal disallowed. Mexico went on to beat Cameroon 1-0 (The Soccer Gods' full, GIF-filled recap can be found here).


As one might expect, the Twitterverse did not take kindly to the overtly racist slur:


The Longbranch Inn insists that the tweet was not meant to offend:

We are pro-mexican. Texas is Mexico.— Longbranch Inn (@LongbranchInn) June 14, 2014


Fusion is awaiting response from The Longbranch Inn and we'll update this story accordingly. Meanwhile, here's a response from Twitter user @AustinByChuco:


As Fusion has previously reported, Austin, Texas is in the midst of "gentrification on steroids." Longbranch itself is located in East Austin, a neighborhood that was historically black but is now facing an influx of new residents.

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