Texas Could Make the Weapon It Used to Attack Mexicans Its Official State Gun

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The official nickname of Texas is the Lone Star State. The state’s official mammal (large) is the Texas Longhorn. And if one state senator gets his wish, the Official State Gun of Texas will be the cannon—just like the ones settlers used to fire at Mexicans to kick off the Texas Revolution.


“Cannons serve as powerful reminders of Texans’ epic struggle for freedom — both historic and ongoing — and they highlight the unique heritage shared by the millions who proudly call Texas home,” Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas, said in a statement about the bill, which he filed Wednesday.

Among the cannons Huffines cited as nearest and dearest to his dear was the “Come and Take It” cannon used in the 1835 Battle of Gonzales


Texas settlers famously refused to give the cannon back to Mexico when the state was still a territory under Mexican government control. They then used that cannon–which had been gifted to them by Mexico to fend off raids–to fire on Mexican soldiers during the battle that started the Texas Revolution, where more than 700 Texans died under the banner of “COME AND TAKE IT!!” Which is actually extremely Texas, if you think about it.

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