Texas Deputies Shoot 6-Year-Old to Death While Chasing Unarmed Car Thief

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Just four days before Christmas, a stray bullet from sheriff’s deputies in Bexar County, TX, penetrated the wall of a mobile home near San Antonio, striking 6–year–old Kameron Prescott in the abdomen. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital later.

According to news reports, deputies had been chasing a car thief and known felon who led them on a chase through a creek, into woods, and finally into the trailer park home where both she and bystander Prescott were killed by police. At the time of the shooting, the suspect deputies had been pursuing did not have a weapon, San Antonio Express-News reported. Her identity has not yet been made public.

Police said the suspect had pointed a weapon at them multiple times throughout the chase, which happened on Thursday. Also, the suspect apparently had been nearly captured at a separate location, but somehow escaped.


According to the Associated Press:

Deputies found the woman hiding in the closet of a home where she pointed a gun at them before fleeing on foot, Salazar said. At one point she swam across a creek before running into a wooded area next to the trailer park where the boy lived.

It’s not clear if she lost the weapon or discarded it as she was being chased.

One of Prescott’s family members has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the boy’s funeral services.

“Please help us raise money for his final farewell during this painful time as we grieve due to everything happening suddenly with no future arrangements. Thank you for your blessings,” the page states.

The Express-News reported that the four deputies who fired on the suspect had experience as police officers ranging from two to 27 years. Both handguns and a rifle were used in the shooting, which remains under investigation.

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