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Chances are that if you know someone from Texas, you know someone who's Texas af. Unfortunately, that Texan won't be able to claim the honor on their license plate.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that a license plate that simply said "AF" below the word "Texas" was pulled from a state-authorized auction of two-letter personalized license plates.

Likely bidders were likely not in the Air Force. If you are wondering what AF stands for, we'll let the language experts at Urban Dictionary answer that one.

Advertisement is the official vendor for personalized license plates in Texas, but the Texas DMV has the final say on whether a plate crosses the line. Considering it was also not cool with "I FART 3D" and "OH3LLNO", it was only a matter of time before "AF" got pulled.

Plenty of two-letter plates are still up for auction though. Fans of gender neutral pronouns will need to top the high bid of $750 to get their hands on "XE." And the most pricey auction is currently for "FI" with a top bid of $1,200.


But wait: Does "FI" also have some sort of profane acronym associated with it? Let's check Urban Dictionary again.


Uh oh. Alert the Texas National Guard!