Texas Governor: Sutherland Springs Massacre May Look 'Heavy,' but It's Not as Bad as Hitler

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The Republican governor of Texas would like you to know that no matter how horrific the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs this weekend was, at least it’s not the actual Holocaust. Or something.


To be honest, I’m not quite sure where Gov. Greg Abbot was going with his rambling train of thought, in which, during an appearance on Fox News on Monday, he attempted to put the slaying of 26 parishioners in a small town Texas church in historical context.

The remarks come at about 2:45 below:

Here’s the full quote (emphasis mine):

Remember, even though we are facing these severe tragedies whether it be what happened in Sutherland Springs, or what happened in Las Vegas, or what happened in New York last week or what happened in London earlier this year, we have acts of evil that are taking place and because they are close in time to us right now we think this is something heavy right now. But put this in the context of history.

Look at what happened with Hitler during the horrific events during that era, and Mussolini and go back in time before that to the earlier ages, the Middle Ages, when people committed horrific crimes, and when you go back through the history of the Bible, there was evil that took place from earliest stages of the Bible to post-New Testament, so evil is something that has permeated this world. And that force of evil must be combated with the force of good that is offered by God and it is so heartwarming to see the people of this community turn to God, turn to hope, turn to the promise of good overcoming evil

[Outnumbered Overtime host Harris Falkner]: *blinks severely*

During a separate interview with CBS News on Monday Abbott was asked how to ensure guns don’t get into the hands of potentially dangerous people. He answered simply, “by working with God.”

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