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Greg Abbott continues to inspire confidence as the governor of the great state of Texas. During Game 4 of the American League Divisional Series matchup between the Kansas City Royals and Houston Astros, with the Astros up 6-2 with six outs to go, Abbott (or someone on his staff) figured "This is in the bag!" and tweeted the following:


The problem is, baseball games are actually nine innings, and not seven; and it wasn't long before the Royals mounted a comeback, winning the game and knotting the series up at two games apiece. The Astros did not win, nor did they advance to the ALCS. Abbott's tweet was deleted in shame.

Twitter did what Twitter does.



Naturally, because this story is ridiculous, Abbott took to his personal Twitter account, throwing the official governor's office account under the bus.


The rule to remember, as always: never tweet.

Game 5 is Wednesday in Kansas City. Here's hoping that Abbott waits until after the game is over to proclaim a winner.


Update: The Rangers lost, too. Quit looking at them, Gov. Abbott!

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