Texas man allegedly broke into ex-girlfriend's house, stole her phone, and posted her nude photos on Facebook

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There's a long list of men who have proven their inability to handle rejection, and judging by a recent police warrant, George Robles is eager to jump right in line with these dudes. According to ABC's Austin station, KVUE, Robles embarked on a terrifyingly creepy journey to get revenge on his ex.


According to the warrant, Robles' ex-girlfriend (who is not named) woke up and found multiple doors in her house open. She couldn't turn her lights on, and found that someone had turned off her electricity at the circuit breaker. When she looked for her cell phone, presumably to call the police, she found that it was missing. She then found that her Facebook account had been hacked, and that nude photos of herself were posted on her account.

Robles initially denied committing the crime to the police, but KVUE reports that he later admitted to this ex that he broke in and then told her where her phone was. Austin's CBS station has the texts:

One text read: "I told you what I did. I told you where your iPhone is. That's all I did."

Another text read: "I know you're not going to believe me. That's what I meant by telling you what I did. Lights, breaker, phone, and FB."


What a jackass.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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