Texas man injured by bullet ricochet learns armadillos are the most dangerous animal

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The armadillo may look small, harmless and even cute, but beneath its segmented shell lies a surprisingly dangerous creature.

TV station KLTV reports an armadillo hospitalized a Texas man last week by ricochetting a bullet off its tough, leathery hide into the man's head.

You might take the opinion that the armadillo, being a small dumb animal, was merely minding its business when someone decided to shoot at it, and its leathery hide happened to repel the bullet back at the shooter.


But we're on to the armadillos' sinister game.

This is the second time this year someone in America has been injured by a bullet ricocheting off an armadillo. The previous incident involved a man in Georgia accidentally wounding his mother-in-law.

And then there's the nine Floridians who have contracted leprosy this year from petting armadillos. You can also get the disease by eating them, but at that point you're kind of asking for it.

We don't know the armadillos' endgame. Maybe it's revenge for probably giving them leprosy in the first place. Either way, if you see an armadillo, do not touch it, shoot it, or eat it.


I know that cuts out a lot of the things Americans like to do with other things. We'll just have to get through this tough time together.

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