Texas Restaurant Becomes Hottest Gay Hangout in Town Thanks to Fake Yelp Reviews

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Yelp has the power to make or break restaurants based on customer reviews. And when the Yelp mob descends, there's no stopping them. After a waitress allegedly made a homophobic remark to two customers, Yelpers have taken to the internet to teach the place a lesson. Thanks to almost 150 fake Yelp reviews, Big Earl's now appears to be one of Texas's hottest gay bars.

After enjoying their meal at Big Earl's, Collin Dewberry and his partner Kelly Williams were told, "We don't serve fags," according to KLTV. The waitress then allegedly paraphrased a charming sign hanging on the restaurant's front door: "Here at Big Earl’s we like for men to act like men and for ladies to act like ladies, so we want you to never return."


Sign on Big Earl's front door. Photo via Yelp

Rather than slamming the restaurant, however, people are getting creative. Based on more than 150 reviews written over the past few days, Earl's is the place to be if you want some action in a shower stall or are looking for a fun drag night.


Yelpers have taken the liberty of tweaking Earl's billboard from this:


Credit: Big Earl's Facebook page

To this:


Credit: Facebook user Imoen Miloen. Lightly edited by Fusion.

Reviewers went on to praise Earl's for being "the Hooters equivalence for gay men."


Another reviewer was willing to overlook the sub-par cuisine: "The chicken is tough and dry, the pancakes feel like wood, and the eggs are rotten, but the boys are hot, hot, hot at Big Earl's."

Be warned, says "Jae K.", "Do NOT order the pulled pork! I thought it was a sandwich!"


Scroll through all of the reviews at Big Earl's Yelp page.

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