Texas teens taunted Latinx rivals with this racist Trump chant at a volleyball game

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A group of students from Archer City High School in Texas used one of Donald Trump's own campaign slogans to bully Latinx teens from a rival school during a recent volleyball game.

According to the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, students bearing Trump/Pence campaign signs chanted "build a wall" during a November 11 match between Archer City, and Fort Hancock—a predominantly Latinx school just north of the Texas/Mexico border.


The Archer City Independent School District confirmed the incident, calling it "offensive."

"Appropriate action is being taken to address this behavior. In no way do we condone this type of language or behavior," the district wrote in a statement posted to Facebook. "We apologize to the students and community of Ft. Hancock. The administration is making every effort to ensure this doesn't happen again."

Archer City ISD Superintendent C.D. Knobloch also apologized directly to Fort Hancock officials, whom he said were "receptive to our apologies," according to Times Record News.

Receptive or not, Fort Hancock's district Superintendent Jose Franco was still shaken by the incident.


"I guess what bothered me most was no adults, no officials did anything about it while the match was going on,” Franco told the Star-Telegram. “We come from a very competitive district where’s there’s plenty of trash talk and that’s just part of the game, having fun with it, but this is the first time it has ever crossed the line."

The incident between Archer City and Fort Hancock is just the latest in a growing list of Trump-inspired acts targeting minorities across the United States—particularly in schools. In North Carolina over the summer, teens built at "Trump wall" as a high school class prank, angering many hispanic classmates. In September, a Dallas, TX-area high school drew criticism after throwing a Trump-themed homecoming rally to taunt their rivals.

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