Thanks Bullett! This Easy To Follow Chart Helps You Decide If You Should Go To Grad School

Luke O Neil @lukeoneil47

Graduate school. You're considering it. You're writing down the pros and cons in your notebook during your last month of classes before you graduate with a BFA in sketching, or, GOD FORBID, a degree in communications.

Or maybe you've already graduated and you're at your current job clicking through a list of "places to see before you die" freaking out that you don't have enough vacation time to ever swim in Lake Hillier, the Pepto-pink lake in Australia that you would never actually step foot in but the fact that there's a naturally pink body of water is reason enough to quit your job and see it, and you're contemplating going back to school to "find yourself"/have summers off again.


However you've tricked yourself into believing that you HAVE to go to grad school to become who you're supposed to be in life, it probably isn't worth it. I'm so sorry. It's awful.

Now you're wishing you'd listened when college grads told you to enjoy every minute of college life and you laughed and told them you couldn't WAIT until you never had to do weekend homework again… Today I'd rather take a philosophy of quantum mechanics class with RateMyProfessor's least intelligible teacher at 8 in the morning, followed by two Russian history classes and a Chinese Sanskrit lesson before wishing the death of summer vacation on anyone.

But worry no more! Bullett Mag's Luke O Neil has made this simple and helpful chart to decide if grad school is the right move for you at this point in your life. Actually, you can use this chart at any point in your life.


Again, I'm so sorry.

Unless you ended up on the "Fine" box.

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