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If there's a single, indelible image to come out of this year's Democratic National Convention, it's likely that of Khizr Khan, the father of fallen Muslim-American army officer Humayun Khan, demanding to know whether Donald Trump had read the Constitution—then producing his own copy.

Beyond provoking Trump to engage in an ill-advised, and ultimately damaging clash with him, Khan's DNC speech has had another, perhaps even more surprising, effect: it's turned the Constitution into a bestseller.


Inspired by Khan's gesture, the American Civil Liberties Union began offering pocket Constitutions free of charge through its online store. Tens of thousands of copies were requested in just a matter of days. In fact, people cleaned the ACLU's stock right out.

"Thanks to this unprecedented demand," the group explained, "we are officially sold out of pocket Constitutions."

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According to the organization, over 100,000 constitutions were ordered from every US state, territories like Guam and Puerto Rico, and nearly 30 other countries as well.

But it's not just free editions that are flying off (online) shelves; customers have been purchasing copies at record numbers, too.

On, a $1 "Pocket Constitution" printed by Idaho's National Center for Constitutional Studies became a site-wide bestseller, reportedly knocking the newly-released "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" to second place, before temporarily selling out as well. As the Los Angeles Times noted, however, this is not the edition used by Khan during his speech, and is, in fact, a somewhat controversial printing which uses selective quotations to bolster a sense of the United States being a specifically Christian nation.


Khan's DNC speech hasn't just caused thousands of people to seek out a Constitution of their own—it's also inspired some to use them during demonstrations at Trump rallies. There, demonstrators have begun raising their own copies of the Constitution in the air as an act of protest.

At at least one rally, the response from Trump supporters was decidedly, although perhaps unsurprisingly, negative:


Jeering people for holding copies of the Constitution seems like a pretty good indication of just how far down the rabbit hole this election has truly gone.

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