That time Machete tried out for the part of Princess Leia

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Jodie Foster was once considered for the role of Princess Leia. But nobody wanted the part more than Danny Trejo.


Trejo, aka "Machete," is best known for playing Mexican narco-villains or a dude who tries to save the world by slaying his enemies with a machete. But Trejo doesn't want to be typecast. He wants people to know he can take on more sensitive roles, such as that of Princess Leia in the new Star Wars flick "The Force Awakens."

This "lost audition" spoof is part of a promotional campaign by El Rey Network, the creative brainchild of Mexican American director Robert Rodriguez. Although Trejo clearly didn't get the part of Luke Skywalker's sister, he nailed it with the hairdo.