That's Not Craft Beer... That's Budweiser

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Budweiser, part of the largest beer manufacturing company in the world, will start issuing small-batch "craft" beers on October 28. Apparently they don’t take lightly to companies like PBR taking off under their noses, and they're trying to get back on track by going the "indie" route.


But come on, the only reason a hipster would ever drink a Budweiser would be for pure irony. (Well hey, that helped Pabst at first, no?)

Even though the King of Beers is still the King, there is some cause for concern on the company's end.


In 2012, the number of craft brewery openings shot up to 409 nationwide, compared to 275 in 2011, according to the Brewers' Association. That jump makes craft beers represent a $10.2 billion share of a $99 billion domestic beer market.

And during that time, Budweiser sales have continued to decline domestically.

The three batches of local brew that they are getting ready to release are named after thei zip codes in which they were actually brewed. Looks like Budweiser is trying to shed the “industrial” beer image the brand has earned over the years.

Here is what you can expect to find in the stores, as the press release explains:

  • Batch 94534 (Fairfield, Calif.): Brewed with a unique blend of North Pacific hop varieties, including Cascade and Palisade, this bold, hoppy lager is 5.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and offers a distinct taste of the American Northwest.
  • Batch 23185 (Williamsburg, Va.): Aged on a bed of bourbon barrel staves and vanilla beans, this light amber lager indulges the sweet side and features a 5.5 percent ABV.
  • Batch 43229 (Columbus, Ohio): Brewed with chocolate and caramel malts for a rich auburn appearance and finished on Beechwood chips for a crisp, clean taste, this deep amber lager is 6 percent ABV.

Wow. Somebody in corporate picked up some new vocabulary there.

Go ahead and try it. I’m totally not judging you.

Daniel Rivero is a producer/reporter for Fusion who focuses on police and justice issues. He also skateboards, does a bunch of arts related things on his off time, and likes Cuban coffee.

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