The 1,000th person killed by police this year has just been reported

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With reports on the death of an as yet unidentified man from California, the number of people killed by law enforcement in the United States this year has hit 1,000.


An Oakland man pointed what appeared to be a gun at a group of uniformed police officers towing cars Sunday night, The Contra Costa Times reports. The officers opened fire and struck him.

It was later discovered that the man had pointed a replica of a gun at the officers, not a functioning firearm. The Times says that the officers performed life-saving measures on the man, but he still died. The Oakland Police Department is investigating the shooting internally.


The Guardian reports that he is the 1,000th person to be killed by authorities in 2015.

The people reported killed by law enforcement are disproportionately black. Unarmed black Americans are also more likely to be killed during a police encounter than unarmed white Americans. Neither the race nor the ethnicity of the man killed in Oakland have been confirmed.


The Guardian launched its police violence database, "The Counted," in June because the federal government maintains no such comprehensive database at present. Mapping Police Violence and The Washington Post launched their own independent police violence databases for similar reasons.

The lack of such a federally provided database became more glaring as the mainstream American media began increasing coverage of Black Lives Matter activism and the ways in which communities of color are policed in the U.S. The FBI is reportedly developing a police violence database at the moment.


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