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Stop what your doing, plug in your iPhone and download the new iOS 9 update immediately because there are 184 delightful new emoji you'll want to start using ASAP.

a few of the new characters from emojipedia

There are long awaited favorites like the taco and unicorn, and some you didn't even know you wanted, like a coffin and a candle. Then there are some that are a little perplexing, either because you're confused about how they made the cut, or you simply cannot figure out what they ARE. Here are a few we looked up so you don't have to.

Man in a Business Suit Levitating


This was by far one of the most WTF updates announced a few months ago. There are a few theories out there as to exactly where our new friend came from, but my favorite by far is that he's a floating 'rude boy' a la the ska band The Specials.

An Alembic


While this might come in handy when referencing Breaking Bad, this piece of chemical equipment is actually an alcoholic still used for making hard spirits. While there is still no whiskey emoji, at least now we can use the alembic and an ear of corn.

A Mid Century Modern Living Room


Finally, a place to enjoy an earthenware mug full of pour-over coffee while you read the Sunday paper and watch new episodes of The Twilight Zone.

A Trackball


At first I thought this might be some kind of friendly robot from the new Star Wars movie, but apparently it's just a trackball. Sure to be the new official emoji of carpal tunnel syndrome.

A Hole


Perhaps you've found yourself trying to text someone an SOS message about the You Tube hole of hoverdancing videos you just fell into. Well you're in luck.

Awareness Ribbon


I'm sure you are all familiar with this twist of ribbon worn to show support for various causes, but do you know which cause your supporting? Like many emoji the color changes depending on which platform you're on. The above yellow ribbon, which has traditionally been used to show support for troops, is how the code renders on Mac products, but you might find yourself with breast cancer pink or the iconic AIDS awareness red on different devices.

The Kaaba


This is no ordinary cube, but the holiest shrine of Islam, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is this iconic building that muslims turn towards during daily prayers. This is one of 13 new faith emoji in the update, and we are pleased to see more diversity of religions.

A Satellite


It's so tiny I had a hard time figuring out what it was on my phone, but it is the world's cutest satellite, complete with solar panels! This will make my emoji translation of The Martian much easier.

The Flag of Diego Garcia


Where, in the world is Diego Garcia? Well, according to the internet, it is a very tiny atoll in the Indian Ocean, and the only inhabited island in the British Indian Ocean Territory. Unfortunately I also learned that this cool flag probably has little to do with the native Chagosian population, who were forcibly removed and are now waging legal battle for their homeland in UK courts. Who knew emoji could educate about global issues?

A Folding Map


Before there were smart phones, people used to find their way around the world by following lines on pieces of paper called maps. They were lovely, and inexplicably difficult to fold.

Cara Rose DeFabio is a pop addicted, emoji fluent, transmedia artist, focusing on live events as an experience designer for Real Future.