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John Green's latest novel-turned-movie, Paper Towns, is due out on July 24. It finally got an official trailer today. The story follows Quentin (Nat Wolff) on his Sisyphean quest to find Margo (Cara Delevingne) with only the meager breadcrumbs she leaves for him. A few classic moments from the book made it into the trailer (and a few that were never in the book managed to sneak in as well).

Here are our five favorite callbacks to the novel:

1. Margo's late-night window visit


In the book (no spoilers!), Margo makes a late-night visit to Quentin after rarely making contact for at least eight years. This cliffhanger at the end of the chapter is the real catalyst to the debauchery that pairs Q with his dream girl for one night. In the trailer, she appears just as she had in the book, cloaked in darkness with a mysterious invitation.

2. The grab and dash gas station stop

The YA novel finds this group of unlikely friends loading up a minivan to discover Margo's whereabouts in a city far away. Though the book has them dressed in completely different outfits, the urgency with which they make their pit stop feels fun and authentic. Can't wait to see it played out on the big screen!

3. The bizarre grocery list for the revenge plot


Margo doesn't plan, she schemes. For the cabbage night of revenge on her unfaithful ex, she enlists Q (because he has keys to his mom's minivan and lives next door) as her accomplice. As Q expertly explains in the trailer, "It's not as weird as it looks."

4. The clues


There are a few different moments showcasing Margo's clue-giving skills (and one that feels hella spoilery if you read the book and know what to look for). Watching Q's overwhelming devotion to finding this girl is incredibly sweet. He's not too bad of a detective.

5. The near-death car spin


I've watched and re-watched this GIF trying to see if the clip actually shows what they nearly hit in the road, but the editors did a great job concealing it. It's a scary moment for sure, with a car filled with teens screeching and swerving, but it definitely ups the anticipation for what comes next.

Overall, the trailer for Paper Towns seems to do right by fans of the book. Watch it here:

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