The Battle is Over, Sriracha is Safe!

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Your spicy stuff is safe. Huy Fong Foods, the makers of classic sriracha sauce in the bottle with the rooster on it and the green cap, will still churn out the sauce for the win. In case you missed sriracha’s possible endangerment, the Irwindale, California factory that produces most of the stuff faced shuttering after folks living nearby complained about possible health endangerments. That meant the possibility of a serious sriracha shortage,


Turns out, shockingly, that sriracha on everything equals deliciousness, but sriracha in the air equals—sometimes—watery eyes, stinging throats, and headaches. (But what are you even doing standing downwind of a sriracha factory? Take a different route?)

So many haters of joy and tingling pungency complained, that Irwindale lawmakers actually introduced a bill to declare the place a public nuisance. But it’s time for a party featuring eggs, rice, and all other otherwise bland foods, cause on Wednesday, the city commission dismissed the resolution,

according to this report from Reuters. Huy Fong will have to figure out how to deal with the fumes, but otherwise, it’s business as usual, and there’s no danger of the rooster bottle disappearing.

Of course, this signals possible doom for competitors who were hoping to slide into the sriracha space if Huy Fong went bust. Earlier this month, sauce titan Tabasco secretly introduced their own version in exactly one store, and online. And Latin spice makers Badia recently started to beef up distribution of their own sriracha.

In any event, if it doesn’t work out, Huy Fong Foods says it’s still got options, according to Reuters. Since news of the possible shortage first broke, a number of other cities have offered to welcome the factory into their spice-loving embrace. Huy Fong Foods: 1, bland palates: 0.

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