The Big Orange Dummy Lies About His Messiah Claim

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Breaking news: Donald Trump doesn’t want to be the Chosen One anymore.

Trump must’ve taken some static from his base over that claim, or maybe an aide convinced the president of how stupid he looks. Whatever the reason, Trump is now trying to clean up a statement he made on Wednesday while discussing a trade war he launched against China.

“Somebody, excuse me, somebody had to do it,” he told reporters outside the White House, referring to targeting China with tariffs. “I am the chosen one,” he added. “Somebody had to do it. So, I’m taking on China.”

Keep in mind that this wasn’t the only example of Trump’s God complex this week, or even that same day. In fact, Trump has been going for quite a while, quoting on Twitter a deranged statement that he was the “King of Israel” and the “second coming of God.”


Real shit, folks. Not made up. Also, not funny. Here’s the tweet:


But Trump either doesn’t remember doing that, regrets it, or saw someone on Fox News making fun of him because he’s now claiming that it was just a joke. He’s also blaming “Fake News” for spreading a lie, which is to be expected but not believed. In reality, as in the real world, where the real stuff happens, Trump is the one who’s lying, as shocking as that might sound.

On Saturday, instead of focusing on pressing global topics at the G7 summit in France, such as climate change, Amazon wildfires, a looming global recession, or relations with the Middle East, Trump was thinking about his messianic statement from three days ago.


“When I looked up to the sky and jokingly said ‘I am the chosen one,’ at a press conference two days ago, referring to taking on Trade with China, little did I realize that the media would claim that I had a ‘Messiah complex,’” Trump tweeted.

“They knew I was kidding, being sarcastic, and just…having fun. I was smiling as I looked up and around. The MANY reporters with me were smiling also. They knew the TRUTH...And yet when I saw the reporting, CNN, MSNBC and other Fake News outlets covered it as serious news & me thinking of myself as the Messiah. No more trust!” he added.


No more trust? Is he serious? This is from the guy who tweeted about “Fake News” at least a dozen times this week alone. And who has publicly lied at least 10,000 times while in office, and that’s not even counting the lies he’s told this month.

Speaking of lying, below is the video of Trump claiming to be the “Chosen One.” Note that he doesn’t appear to be having fun. In fact, he looks like he’s quite angry. And he’s certainly not smiling. Nor are we. May the Orange Gods strike him down for lying.