The Black Woman Leading the New Star Trek Show Shuts Down the Crybaby Racists Attacking It

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It happened with the Star Wars spin-off, it happened with the Ghostbusters reboot, and it’s happening again with the newest Star Trek show, Star Trek: Discovery. As soon as a franchise decides to step out of the unrealistic and tired realm of “white men rule everything” and starts including women and people of color, racist so-called “fans” crawl out from under rocks or wherever to disparage whatever women or people of color involved in the project under the banner of “this is some SJW bullshit” and “WHITE GENOCIDE.”


Luckily, Sonequa Martin-Green, the star of Star Trek: Discovery and the first black woman to lead a Star Trek cast, has a word of advice for those who are astonishingly threatened by a woman of color helming a show that they love. She told Entertainment Weekly:

“Well, I would encourage them to key into the essence and spirit of Star Trek that has made it the legacy it is — and that’s looking across the way to the person sitting in front of you and realizing you are the same, that they are not separate from you, and we are all one.”

“That’s something Star Trek has always upheld and I completely believe that is why it’s been a mainstay in society in the hearts of so many people for so many decades. I would encourage them to look past their opinions and social conditioning and key into what we’re doing here — which is telling a story about humanity that will hopefully bring us all together.”


Martin-Green is right. As former Fusion staffer Charles Pulliam-Moore explains over at io9, Star Trek has always operated under the theme of tolerance and understanding, especially when it came to race. After all, the show did give us the first interracial kiss on American network television. So once again, to call racial shenanigans (raciananigans?) on a show whose legacy is founded on diversity is some next level crybaby shit.

Isha is a staff reporter who covers pop culture, representation in media, and your new faves.

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