The bomb squad at Purdue was called in on a suspicious box. It was filled with bunnies.

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Pop quiz, hot shot: It's opening weekend at Indiana's Purdue University and a cardboard box is found on campus with the words "keep away. Do not touch. Do not approach." What do you do?

Purdue police officers called in the bomb squad. Luckily, the only bomb inside was an explosion…of cuteness.

The Lafayette Journal & Courier reports Purdue University police summoned the Tippecanoe County bomb squad to investigate a suspicious package on Saturday evening during the school's annual "Boiler Gold Rush" event. Turns out, the box had previously been used to transport some cute little bunny rabbits, who had since gotten loose.


The bomb squad shot the box with a water cannon only to discover it was empty.

The baby rabbits were later found on campus.

No one seems to know what happened to the bunnies in between the box's appearance and its dismantling by the bomb squad, but authorities were quick to point out that no rabbits were harmed during the encounter.

They must have taken a wrong turn on their way to Albuquerque.

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