'The Carmichael Show' is making an extremely bold choice about the n-word

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For the last two years, The Carmichael Show has been breathing new life into the multicam family sitcom format, addressing issues like Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and Bill Cosby. Well, it looks like the show will continue to push the boundaries, as creator and star Jerrod Carmichael has stated that the word “nigger” will be heard a handful of times throughout an upcoming episode.

Throughout the show’s history, Carmichael has been adamant about addressing topics head on, without dumbing the material down for the audience, and that spirit has clearly informed the decision to use the slur “about six times” throughout the episode (which will contain a parental advisory at the beginning of the episode).

“N-word’ is childish.. say it!” Carmichael explained, according to Deadline. “We know what we’re talk about; we’re not speaking to children.”


As Deadline points out, it isn’t the first time the "n-word" has been uttered, unbleeped on television. The word was used in the early 70s in the hit show All in the Family as well as Sanford and Son. Nonetheless, the controversial word is almost never heard on broadcast television these days. It’s probably safe to assume that The Carmichael Show will provide a sensitive and thought-provoking treatment of it.

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