The cast of the all-female ‘Ghostbusters' just taught a masterclass in sick burns

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Wow! It's the year of Our Lord and Savior 2016. There are a whole host of things to complain about: poor gun regulation in America, it was 122 degrees in Southern California yesterday, Jon Snow is still alive. But there is one thing that only angry baby men complain about: the Ghostbusters reboot stars four women.

We've seen these men before, in YouTube comments, on Twitter, in the comments on our articles. "Not women!" they cry. "How could Hollywood do this to me!?"

The cast of the new Ghostbusters, of course, has heard these cries too. But guess what? They do not care. In fact, they care so little that in an excellent interview given to the New York Times they deliver burn after burn after brutal burn. It's a masterclass in how to respond to your haters, when your haters have truly terrible and bad critiques of your work based on nothing but the sex of the actors involved.


We pulled out 5 of the best ones, but you should really go read the whole article.

1. How to burn someone who hates the movie because "it's female"

When Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and director Paul Feig were asked if they've noticed that some people aren't happy about the reboot because of the female leads they respond:

McCARTHY You mean the crazy people?

JONES You mean the people that don’t know that it’s a movie?

2. How to burn people who think their "childhood is ruined"

JONES To me, the people who are crying about, “This is ruining my childhood,” this movie is not for them anyway.

WIIG They need to probably go to therapy.

McCARTHY I think their childhood was pretty much ruined already. If this broke it, it was pretty fragile to begin with. It is good to remember, it is a tiny, tiny fraction that screams. Normal, healthy people don’t stand outside, saying, “You’re ruining my childhood!” There’s one nut on every corner in every city that does it. But so what? The other 300,000 people in a town aren’t doing that.

3. How to burn people who call the whole movie a "cash grab"

FEIG […] When everybody’s like, “It’s a cash grab”? Everything ever made in Hollywood since the beginning of time is a cash grab. That’s why the original “Ghostbusters” existed. It wasn’t an altruistic thing. Studios make movies to make money, and filmmakers try to make something that will entertain an audience while trying to make money for the studio.


No one is making movies to "ruin your childhood!" Everyone just wants money! Sure, good movies are good, but what is better is making money off your good movie.

4. How to burn a presidential candidate

After the interviewer tells the group that presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump criticized the movie before he even declared his candidacy, the women responded like this:

WIIG I didn’t even know that.

JONES That’s just talking loud, saying nothing.

McCARTHY I hope hate stops being popular. It’s tiring and completely ineffectual.


No critique of Donald J. Trump has been more accurate than Leslie Jones' "That's just talking loud and saying nothing."

5. How to burn the whole thing down

Kristen Wiig's 2011 film Bridesmaids was heralded as a game-changer for female-centered films. It was also—without that additional political element—just an excellent movie. Bridesmaids was cry-laugh funny, emotionally engaging, and brilliantly written. But most of the rhetoric around it (not unjustly) was based on the fact that it had women at its forefront. This time around, Wiig's not having it.

Will Hollywood look at this movie as a litmus test of ——

WIIG [emphatically] How many litmus tests do we need? [laughter] I’ve been hearing this for five years. Sorry, I’m finished.


Those are some good burns.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.

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