The creator of 'Black Mirror' swears he didn't know about David Cameron's pig rumors in advance

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The biggest story in the UK at the moment are new, explosive allegations, contained in a new biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron, that the PM once put a “private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth as part of an initiation ritual for an exclusive dining club.


The scandal, which is already yielding hundreds of Twitter jokes and "#baeofpigs" memes, is also drawing a huge number of comparisons to "Black Mirror," the dystopian British TV drama that featured, in its first episode, a shockingly similar story line featuring the British Prime Minister having sex with a pig.

The similarities between Black Mirror's premiere episode and the David Cameron situation were so uncanny that Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker joked that he'd accidentally created a documentary:

Brooker dug up an old script from the pig episode, and tweeted the part that most closely parallels what's happening today in the UK:


The parallels were so eerie that Brooker was accused of having had advance knowledge of the Cameron rumors. But he maintains it was all a crazy coincidence:


As for other episodes of "Black Mirror" that could come true, Brooker says he hopes it's not "White Bear," the series' second episode, which contains a horrifying story about child murder, dystopian punishment, and mob justice. Here's hoping.