The Daily Caller Removes Blatantly Anti-Semitic Video Mocking NYT's Glenn Thrush

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s brainchild, The Daily Caller, shared a blatantly anti-Semitic video mocking a New York Times reporter on Thursday. The offensive clip, which has since been removed, appeared to be an edited interview of reporter Glenn Thrush saying “chutzpah” on MSNBC.


Titled “New York Times’ Glenn Thrush Has KHOUTSPA,” the edited video repeatedly plays Thrush’s use of the word “chutzpah” to a backing track of the song “Hava Nagila.” (Clearly, whoever titled the video has never spelled “chutzpah” before, however it was spelled conventionally in the link).

While the video was deleted after drawing immediate outrage on social media, Splinter obtained a copy of the original — and, as of publication, the story was still visible on Google AMP:

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Geoffrey Ingersoll, The Daily Caller’s editor-in-chief, appeared to have no problem with the edited video. In fact, he seemed “quite” pleased with himself. Here’s how he responded to the Times’ Maggie Haberman, who shared the video on Twitter and questioned whether she was seeing correctly:

A predictable non-apology tour began on Twitter shortly after the video was deleted with Betsy Rothstein, who apparently directed an underling at The Daily Caller to edit Thrush’s interview, clarifying “how it all began.” Here’s her explanation:


And everyone’s all happy clappy about the clip now, according to Rothstein:


Here’s some free advice: “jokes” that mock religion are never “funny” nor “lighthearted,” and especially not in Washington during the Trump administration.

Night Editor, Splinter