'The Daily Show' demonstrates exactly how to respond to that racist Fox News 'Chinatown' segment

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In a perfect world, Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters' insanely racist Chinatown "comedy" segment would never have made it to air during a recent episode of The O'Reilly Factor. But, here we are and, unfortunately, there it was.

Thankfully, Watters is being rightfully pilloried from all sides for what the Asian American Journalists Association called a "rude, offensive, mocking, derogatory and damaging" sketch. But of all the responses to Watters, none has been quite so on-the-nose as the one that aired on Thursday night's The Daily Show.

From an in-studio rant to a street-side verbal castration, Senior Media Correspondent Ronny Chieng managed to highlight why the O'Reilly Factor sketch was both profoundly racist, and—worse—a hacky, bullshit attempt at "humor."


"It's actually the year of 'go fuck yourself!'" Chieng exclaimed at one point, as the studio audience cheered.

Watters had previously apologized (sort of) for the segment. He has yet to respond to Chieng's complete comedic ownage.