The David Cameron sex joke that surprised no-one but still made us cringe

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

It's been about two weeks since we were forced to picture U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron inserting "a private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth. We almost forgot.

In a speech to the Conservative Party Conference today, Cameron talked about a book called The Joy of Tax, which contains 64 "positions" on tax, and was written by Richard Murphy, economic advisor to the new opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

So naturally, this is what Cameron (jokingly) said: "I've got it, I took it home to show Samantha. It's got 64 positions and none of them work."


And British Twitter collectively cringed.

I don't want to think of David and Samantha Cameron in any position, let alone 64, and now this image will forever haunt me.

— Skylar Baker-Jordan (@SkylarJordan) October 7, 2015


Is nothing sacred, David, even a book about taxation?

The author of the book had a more serious response."Cameron might have thought he made a joke," wrote Richard Murphy, in the Guardian. "But what he revealed is the real choice now developing in U.K. politics: between those who believe in the power of the state to intervene for the good of the people of this country and those who, already well off, want to be voyeurs on the sidelines as wealth floods steadily upwards within the shrinking state they wish for."

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