Truly, the words of a warrior. Flake is backing Kavanaugh, by the way.

We should expect nothing less from Democrats. They do this over and over and over again. They are terrified of real politics, of having to step out from behind the comforting fog of procedure to actually face people, to try and convince them directly. Their belief in the power of the technocracy—in the ability of Official, Dispassionate People to really Step Up And Solve This Thing—is so deeply entrenched, so pathologically wound around their psyches, that it blinds them to the reality of how power in this country works. Their chief ideological devotion is to the system and the process, to comity and norms and rules being followed. It is more important to them than making things better, or ensuring that people—like, say, Christine Blasey Ford, a hero whom Democrats failed profoundly—don’t suffer. They really are worthless.