The DOJ Will Ask the Supreme Court to Intervene in DACA Ruling

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Perturbed by a U.S. District Court’s Jan. 10 ruling that the White House must “maintain the DACA program on a nationwide basis,” the Department of Justice announced Tuesday it will ask the Supreme Court this week to intervene in the decision, NPR reports, appealing the lower court ruling.

It has also filed an appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

NPR reports:

In a statement Tuesday Attorney General Jeff Sessions said “it defies both law and common sense” for the DACA program to be mandated nationwide by a single judge in San Francisco. [...]

Sessions added that the decision to wind down the program is clearly within the authority of the executive branch. “It is clear that Acting Secretary Duke acted within her discretion to rescind this policy with an orderly wind down,” he wrote.

“We are now taking the rare step of requesting direct review on the merits of this injunction by the Supreme Court so that this issue may be resolved quickly and fairly for all the parties involved,” said Sessions.


The announcement comes after President Donald Trump threw a public tantrum last week over the lower court’s ruling, calling the American court system “broken and unfair.”