The Emmys Opener Had a Couple of Good Moments and One Horrifying One


Well the Emmys are here. And because it’s 2017, we live in the darkest Trumpian timeline, Stephen Colbert is hosting, and uh, it’s the Emmys, the opening monologue was full of fun PoLiTiCaL MoMents. Let’s take a moment to look back at the memories (cue Sarah McLachlan).

There was a big opening number which featured one joke about HBO’s Confederate and a lot of references to the bad times we live in. It is not worth revisiting.


In an effort to highlight the fact that this is the most diverse Emmys yet, Colbert began listing all the black actors and actresses nominated for an award—but just when things got cringy, he used it as an opportunity to rag on Bill Maher, who as we all know was more than comfortable using the n-word on his show.

We then took a tour through some of Trump’s worst campaign moments because that carcass still has some meat, and what is television but making you relive some trauma over and over again?

Just when things were as inoffensive and copacetic as ever, Colbert brought out Sean Fucking Spicer to make a joke about the size of the crowd, because what we need right now is normalizing anyone from the Trump Administration! For continuing to make an ass of himself! And giving him an IMDb credit! To make a Melissa McCarthy joke? I don’t know.


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